Tram Nguyen

I co-wrote and illustrated a food memoir, Pen & Palate: Mastering the Art of Adulthood, with Recipes.

tram nguyen pen and palate

“This is precisely the kind of book that will make readers want to stay up all night, drinking a bottle of wine, trying recipes, and laughing over their own coming-of-age anecdotes. VERDICT: An absolute must-have for young women and a perfect addition to food and memoir collections.”

—Kristen Droesch, Library Journal

tram nguyen pasta heart illustration tram nguyen coq au vin illustration

“I have rarely devoured a book as quickly and as joyfully as Pen & Palate... Besides being a brilliantly conceived, beautifully illustrated, funny and delicious book, Pen & Palate is also the story of a real, deep, and wonderful friendship.”

—Emily Gould, author of Perfect Tunes and Friendship

tram nguyen softshell crab illustration tram nguyen fashion salad illustration

“…it’s cookbook as bildungsroman. The recipes are great, but greater still is the pair’s unvarnished take on the comedic hideousness of being young and totally confused about everything from love to work to how much the steam heat in your crappy Manhattan apartment costs…”

—Melanie Rehak, Bookforum

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“I bought this gem in a dollar store—which is sad for the authors, but fantastic for me.”

—Goodreads review

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“Their mouthwatering recipes include pho-spiced braised short ribs; spicy lemongrass chili chicken wings; Thanksgiving tamales; and a beginner-friendly fried chicken. The book alternates sections written by the two talented, witty women with Nguyen’s illustrations and an array of clever recipes that readers will want to try immediately.“

Publisher’s Weekly

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